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Monsieur Cuisine connect in a festively decorated kitchen with homemade salad

The premium model with top equipment and software control replaces - like all Monsieur Cuisine products - several kitchen appliances at once. This saves work and makes cooking, roasting, steaming or stewing a lot of fun.

The new Monsieur Cuisine connect offers you even more convenience than its predecessors: A WLAN interface allows direct access to hundreds of recipes online. On the new 7-inch touchscreen display, the CookingPilot guides you step by step through the recipes. Ingredients can now be weighed directly in the enlarged pot.


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Blender jug set, 6-pcs.

This blender jug set consisting of the jug, lid, blade insert, measuring beaker and sealing rings...

€92.43 VAT included Delivery time: 4-5 workdays*

Blender jug

This mixing bowl ONLY fits the Monsieur Cuisine connect trend with new heating element Add...

€75.62 VAT included Delivery time: 4-5 workdays*

Blade socket

Especially when processing larger quantities/solid doughs (e.g. doughs with more than 600 g of...

€12.60 VAT included Delivery time: 4-5 workdays*