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Monsieur Cuisine accessories for your Monsieur Cuisine food processor

The Monsieur Cuisine food processor is a real all-rounder in the kitchen. Thanks to its quick and convenient preparation of dishes it’s no wonder that this little multitasker is so often in use. Are you constantly finding that the Monsieur Cuisine spatula, mixer attachment or bowl is in the dishwasher when you need it? The wide range of Monsieur Cuisine accessories in our online shop provides you with a solution. From the right Monsieur Cuisine spatula to the Monsieur Cuisine cooking pot, here you’ll find all the available accessory components for your Monsieur Cuisine.

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Simmering basket set Monsieur Cuisine (1.0)

Potatoes, rice, pasta or eggs turn out perfectly in the practical simmering basket for the Monsieur Cuisine. It is also splendidly suited for...

€9.99 VAT included Delivery time: 2-3 workdays*

Mixer attachment

Whether for fluffy, creamy desserts, whipped cream, or perfect whipped egg whites – the mixer attachment accepts all challenges. The innovative...

€14.99 VAT included

Sealing ring for the steamer attachment

The sealing ring for the Monsieur Cuisine steamer attachment serves to reliably close the blender jug, so that the steam can evenly flow through...

€14.99 VAT included Delivery time: 2-3 workdays*

Steamer attachment, complete, 5-part

With the innovative steamer attachment for the Monsieur Cuisine, you can prepare a gently steamed and healthy meal in no time. The set consists of...

€29.99 VAT included

Sealing ring for the blade assembly

This sealing ring is an important accessory for the Monsieur Cuisine blender blade. It ensures that the bowl is completely closed, and thus that no...

€8.95 VAT included Delivery time: 2-3 workdays*

Sticker set, 12-piece

Give your Monsieur Cuisine an individual look with the modern design stickers. A sticker says more than a thousand words, and ensures more fun in...

€7.99 VAT included Delivery time: 2-3 workdays*