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Knife holder 3xSt

Replacement for your Monsieur Cuisine Connect knife holder.

€8.99 VAT included 2-3 workdays

Mixer attachment Monsieur Cuisine connect

Whether for fluffy, creamy desserts, whipped cream, or perfect whipped egg whites – the mixer attachment accepts all challenges. The innovative...

€14.99 VAT included 2-3 workdays

Blender blade with sealing ring

The extra-sharp blender blade shreds, chops, purées and blends all ingredients that you put into your Monsieur Cuisine édition plus. The highlight...

€24.99 VAT included 2-3 workdays

Sealing ring for knife insert, set of 3

An important accessory is this sealing ring for the Monsieur Cuisine knife insert. It ensures that the pot is completely sealed and that no liquids...

€14.99 VAT included 2-3 workdays

Sealing ring for the blade assembly

This sealing ring is an important accessory for the Monsieur Cuisine blender blade. It ensures that the bowl is completely closed, and thus that no...

€8.95 VAT included 2-3 workdays

Mixing Bowl Monsieur Cuisine connect

Add another pot to your Monsieur Cuisine connect for even more cooking fun.. The pot has a larger scale in 500 ml units and a max limit of 3 litres...

€74.99 VAT included 2-3 workdays

Measuring beaker Monsieur Cuisine connect

So small and yet so multifunctional: On the one hand, the measuring beaker serves to close the small lid opening on the Monsieur Cuisine édition...

€9.99 VAT included 2-3 workdays

Cooking pot Monsieur Cuisine connect

Potatoes, rice, pasta or eggs turn out perfectly in the practical simmering basket for the Monsieur Cuisine édition plus. It is also splendidly...

€12.99 VAT included 2-3 workdays