Front view of the round, black knife holder
  • Front view of the round, black knife holder
  • Sketch of the gear-shaped blade holder on the appliance, with the new rounded gear-shaped blade holder to the right

Blade socket

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277740, 288334
SKMK1200A1, SKMK1200B2
  • Suitable for the Monsieur Cuisine édition plus
  • High-quality spare part
  • Can be replaced using snap ring pliers

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If your blade holder has worn out over time, for example due to processing larger quantities of dough, the blade insert no longer rotates correctly. Replace it with this high-quality spare part to continue enjoying your Monsieur Cuisine édition plus.

So that you can use it as usual, please check your current blade or blade holder before purchasing. If you have the version with the flower shape, please use the following item: Knife insert set, 7 pcs.


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matching IAN
277740, 288334
Matching model numbers
SKMK1200A1, SKMK1200B2

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