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  • Safety sleeve
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Hook for removing the simmering basket
  • Stirring during operation
  • Replaces spatula worn out by frequent use
  • Dishwasher-safe

Data sheet

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The spatula is perfectly tailored for use in the Monsieur Cuisine édition plus, and is the universal aid for preparing delicious dishes. The practical safety sleeve fulfils two functions at once here. On the one hand, the spatula can simply be inserted into the bowl through the lid opening, even during operation, without being caught by the blender blade. This enables you to clear the food being blended or cooked from the edge of the bowl, so that all ingredients can always be completely processed to form a homogeneous mass. On the other hand, the clever design of the safety sleeve prevents the spatula from rolling away and thus the work surface from getting dirty. Furthermore, the ingenious shape of the spatula allows the bowl to be totally cleaned of the food being blended or cooked. Additional practical characteristics include the hook on the spatula, which allows the cooking pot to easily be lifted out of the bowl, and the ergonomically shaped handle. The simmering basket is not included in the items supplied.

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