Monsieur Cuisine connect
  • Monsieur Cuisine connect
  • Monsieur Cuisine connect
  • Monsieur Cuisine connect
  • Monsieur Cuisine connect

Monsieur Cuisine connect

The Monsieur Cuisine Connect!

The premium model offers a WLAN interface and the CookingPilot function. Delicious new recipes are added every month – all with the Monsieur Cuisine guarantee of success, of course.

The Silvercrest food processor itself is not available here. It is available on special offer in the Lidl online shop or directly in the shop.

Data sheet

Cooking function
1000 Watt
800 Watt
ca. 120 bis 5200 U/min
Temperature settings
37 bis 130°
290976, 317552, 338924, 349665, 297624, 362035, 367850, 367852
Model number
SKMC1200A1, SKMC1200B2, SKMC1200C3, SKMC1200D4, SKMC1200E5

Product features

  • Anticlockwise rotation for stirring soups, risottos, stews, etc.
  • Clockwise rotation for chopping ingredients
  • 10 speed settings and an additional turbo function for boost mixing
  • Three automatic programs:
  1. Kneading: preparing heavy dough with up to 500 g flour
  2. Steaming: gentle cooking to lock in the goodness
  3. Roasting: food is seared briefly at up to 130 °C and moved around the pot automatically using
  • anticlockwise rotation, so that nothing gets crushed
  • 7-inch touchscreen display with time, speed, temperature settings and the current cooking temperature 99-minute timer
  • CookingPilot with around 160 pre-installed recipes
  • Online recipe database with hundreds of recipes
  • Recipe app with favourites and shopping list functions

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