Steamer attachment, complete, 5-part
  • Steamer attachment, complete, 5-part

Steamer attachment, complete, 5-part

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gentle steaming e.g. for vegetables and fish. no additional oil required. steamer attachment with sealing ring. one shallow and one deep steamer tray with lid. dishwasher-safe, food-safe.

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With the innovative steamer attachment for the Monsieur Cuisine, you can prepare a gently steamed and healthy meal in no time. The set consists of the steamer attachment with a sealing ring, a deep and a shallow steamer tray, and a lid. Slits integrated into the material allow the steam to disperse evenly through all attachments. While you boil e.g. potatoes, pasta or rice in the blender jug, wonderfully crispy vegetables can be cooked in the deep steamer tray above. Thanks to the gentle preparation, the vegetables do not lose their colour, and even the vitamins and minerals are largely retained. In the shallow steamer tray, meat, fish and poultry become wonderfully juicy and tender. All components of the set are dishwasher-safe, and can thus be cleaned in a flash. Spoil your family with tasty, healthy food, and save yourself time in the process!

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