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The Monsieur Cuisine food processor

The devices from the Monsieur Cuisine family are genuinely multi-talented. They perform many functions, e.g. tedious stirring, and combine short preparation times with easy cleaning. This ensures that healthy eating is no longer a luxury.

There is a new addition to the Monsieur Cuisine family: the Monsieur Cuisine connect is here!

Like all the other Monsieur Cuisine products, the premium model, with its top equipment and software control, replaces several kitchen appliances at once. This saves on work, and makes cooking, roasting, stewing and steaming enjoyable.

The new Monsieur Cuisine connect now offers you an even higher level of convenience than previous models: a wireless interface allows direct access to hundreds of recipes online. On the new 7-inch touchscreen display, the CookingPilot goes through the recipes step by step. Ingredients can bow be weighed directly in the larger pot.

Spare parts for the Monsieur Cuisine connect

The original accessories developed specially for the Monsieur Cuisine connect are easy to change and simple to clean in the dishwasher. The processing and long service life are hallmarks of quality. If any parts are then worn out or get lost, we will supply you with the perfect matching replacement at an affordable price.

For advanced users, we naturally also have the practical pot set for the Monsieur Cuisine connect on offer, which increases your options even further.