The Monsieur Cuisine Plus accessories matching with the new food processor

A new generation of the Monsieur Cuisine food processor has been introduced! Particular highlights of our latest top-of-the-range Monsieur Cuisine Plus food processor include the integrated scales, the clockwise/anti-clockwise rotation, the practical automatic programmes and the enlarged blender jug. The whole range of Monsieur Cuisine Plus accessories is compatible with the new device and is available to order online in our accessory shop.

What is so special about the Monsieur Cuisine Plus accessories?

The new Monsieur Cuisine Plus accessories appear in part to be so similar to those of the previous model that they are hard to tell apart. In fact the Monsieur Cuisine Plus accessories are perfectly fitted with the new model. And as long as you only use accessories that are suitable for your food processor, then nothing will stop you enjoying long hours of cooking pleasure.

Monsieur Cuisine Plus spare parts

It is quite easy to replace parts such as spatulas, mixer attachments or other accessories of the Monsieur Cuisine Plus food processor if they become worn. All you have to do is remove the part to replace from your Monsieur Cuisine and put in the new Monsieur Cuisine accessory.

Monsieur Cuisine Plus accessories are extremely simple to exchange when necessary.

You can also get compatible accessories for the previous Monsieur Cuisine model.